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Welcome, mortal, to my introduction!

My name is Moon, if you couldn't tell from the title.

I'm something between a raven, a vampire, the concept of the divine, and I use he/they pronouns. I'm also a brit. Cough.

I barely have any concept of myself, just many attributes I've calculate that I add on to my identity, so introductions have always been hard. What I can tell you though is:

- I'm an ENTJ, 3w4, 386, so/sx, sanguine choleric, SCOEI, and VELF.

- I'm a CANCER sun, TAURUS moon, SAGITTARIUS rising, LIBRA midheaven, and SCORPIO 12th house. (Fun fact: both my parents are Scorpios!)

I LIKE: Witchcraft, astrology, horror, gothic lolita fashion, the Victorian period, poison and making it, true crime, Visual Kei, mushrooms, and most likely a lot more. This is what I know off the top of my head though.

I HATE: Asparagus.

My favourite movies are: American Psycho, Heathers, The VVitch, and the Goldfinch.

I often do voice acting, digital art commissions, and I play and write my own songs both on ukulele and elecronically. I spend the rest of my free time walking, coding, or researching psychology, which I'm very much interested in. I'm going to become a forensic psychologist in the future.

My weaknesses are my pride, my sentiments, and my perfectionism.