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(A lot easier than you may think!)

It can be easy to feel super overwhelmed when you first start practicing Witchcraft. I think that the first thing most people want to know about is spells.

Grounding and cleansing yourself:

It is often more difficult to focus on a spell if you are stuck in your own thoughts or have the energies from the day on you. To ground you can start with cleansing yourself.

Just remember it is good to cleanse before you do any spell. You do not want any other energies you may have picked up to affect your spells, or your bad mood to mess with the results.

Drawing energy from something:

This is not necessary, but it can be done so you do not draw all the energy from yourself, some people consider this draining. Energy can be drawn from things like plants, the elements, deities, and crystals. This can be done by energy work, visualisation, and asking whatever you are drawing energy from to lend you some.

Casting a circle:

Lots of witches decide to cast circles to protect themselves from outside energies or unwanted spirits while they are performing magic. (Similar to what happens when you cleanse.) You can use the elements, a salt circle, invoking a deity, (If you want). You typically stay in the circle until you finish the ritual and close the circle.

Casting the spell:

This is when you use a combination of ingredients and the guidelines of the spell. It is best to try and be completely focused and have everything you need at hand already. Candles, lighters, any herbs you may use, etc.

Completing the spell:

After casting this should be simple. Dispel any energies or deities you have called upon and clean up any ingredients you may have used. Return tools to their place on your altar, etc.

Cleansing and grounding again:

Cleansing here is optional, it depends on the spell, how you feel with the energy around you, and if you want to do it. It is highly recommended though. You might feel a little disorientated after a spell, and it is nice to take a break. Cleanse yourself and your space, meditate and gather yourself together.

Things to keep in mind:

- Intention is one of the most important things. Make sure you are calm and focused when working.

- The ingredients you use matter, and all have different meanings. They can be what you draw energy from, represent a part of the spell, or what the spell is trying to accomplish.

- If you cannot find the ingredient or ingredients you are looking for, there will almost always be a substitute. Clear quartz for any crystal, rosemary for any herb. Look for correspondences similar to the ingredient you are missing and trust your gut.

By creating your own spells, they will work a lot better, being tied to you and your personal power. Let us break down a spell into parts:

1- Define the spell’s purpose and outcome.

2- Create the invocations or evocations, (Invocation meaning to invite in, evocation meaning to exit out.) finding out what you need, preparing.

3- Outline the steps of the spell.

4- Beginning, so creating the ritual space, casting a circle if you wish, and dealing with any invocations or evocations. (Setting your intentions for your work.)

6- Assemble any tools or ingredients you need.

7- Prepare your ritual area and yourself. Some people use sigils. Some people also use specific herbs and oils related to their desired outcome for that extra kick.

8- Perform the ritual. So, you could write down a list of things you want out of your life and burn them, having intended to make them leave for example of a simple ritual.

9- Close and clean up. Cleanse.