this is a page about someone who was once very close to me

i'm making this because i don't want to forget anything.

Go home if you're scared to be here all alone.

,, meet :: MARBLE !

This photo isn't very accurate, he was never quite fond of any pictures of himself.

Here are some cool facts about Marble ::!!

He is a Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising.

His birthday is on the 27th of September, 00:19.

He is an INTP 6w5!

> He used to chew on batteries, and enjoy the feeling of instilling random people on Discord with terror, showing off his taser and also several other weapons in his posession. <

> He has shocked himself countless times with said taser. <

> He has a blahaj from Ikea. He named it Max, and it has been the only person or thing I have seen him show any genuine emotional attachment or affection towards. <

> He actually really likes coding, he doubts his abilities and criticises himself constantly but he's still proud of what he makes. He's written quite a lot of lore for a game he's making in Unity called Neon Exorcist. <

> He has quite the history of lying about his identity. One time, he pretended to be a bakery owner's son in order to get a free cupcake from someone working there. Another time, he pretended to be CaptainHowdie. I knew it was him, but I didn't say anything. There was never going to be any possible way that both Marble and Howdie were going through an Evangelion phase simulteanously, and he also didn't change his typing pattern or sense of humour at all. Marble pretending to be CaptainHowdie resorted in a cat one year later being named Augustuc Trzeci (Augustus the third.) What happened to the last two cats I don't exactly know, but I believe as fictitious as they are one has supposedly died from falling down the stairs. <

> When Marble was younger and getting into Metal Gear Solid, he wanted to dye his hair white. <

> He also really likes robots and religious imagery, he usually sprinkles elements of both into DND games and whatever creative project he's currently working on. <

> He has a really old deck of cards. <

> He used to quite enjoy staring into people's souls until they felt them be sucked out of their bodies. <

> He reminds me of snow and thunderstorms. <

> We used to try and spend every New Years together. <

> Marble used to be super into Vaporwave stuff <

> Marble is scared of trusting people. <

> Marble is an expert at disappearing and hiding. <

!! I have a lot of things that I made to organise how I percieve Marble. !!

Here's my full analysis of his birth chart. I made this years ago and spent a lot of time on it. I am a completely different person now.

Here's my Pinterest board for him.

Here's my playlist for him.

Marble's art gallery!!


There's more but I can't find it :(